In an ever changing business environment the paper you choose can have an effect on the perception of your printed work. At Timber Creek Paper we believe that the “Power of the Printed Word Begins with Paper.” Sticking with that motto we try to stock a broad array of papers and envelopes, in a variety of sizes, for all printing, design, and business needs. We carry basic copy paper, engineering rolls, metallic sheets, fiber added, and embossed paper to press ready skids of coated and offset stock. If you are looking for paper products for your printshop, office, or client needs Timber Creek Paper has the paper on our floor so you can turn your jobs around faster. 

Business Paper

Have a marketing brochure to print out, maybe some invoices for your business? Let us help you choose papers that will enhance your business image. We have 1000’s of cut size papers in stock that will run flawlessly on today’s digital equipment. Take the headache out of your office paper purchasing. Imagine no more trips to the “big-box” store to lug 50 lb. cartons of paper back to your office. We will deliver your order, and put the product where you store it. Billing is easy, set up a charge account with 20 day terms, or pay by credit card at the time of the order. For more information view the Mills we represent or call us at 316-264-3232.

Designer Paper

If you are a designer and looking for the right paper for your client's job, let Timber Creek Paper assist you in providing paper samples and swatch books. Partnering with Timber Creek Paper can provide you with the tools to showcase your design talents to your potential customers. Swatch books allow your customers to see a broad range of colors and options. Paper samples can be used to narrow the choices, allowing the designer to mock up the printed piece. After the sale is made by the designer, Timber Creek Paper will provide you and your commercial printer accurate pricing and delivery information so you, your customer, and your printer can be well informed. For more information view the Mills we represent or call us at 316-264-3232.

Wide Format Paper

Wide Format products are an ever expanding part of our business. We carry a broad offering of Wide Format substrates on our floor from engineering rolls to vehicle wrap. We partner with some of the best converters and manufacturers who provide quality substrates with excellent performance and quick turnaround times. We also service and sell printers from Mutoh & CET Color as well as wide format and flatbed cutters and workflow software.  For more information on specific uses and products like photographic and fine art prints, paperboard, or specialty substrates please contact Von Temple: or visit our sister site at

Service Areas


Timber Creek Paper services the following regions.

Kansas: Daily deliveries to the Wichita Metro Area. Weekly delivery to Northcentral, Southcentral, and Eastern Kansas.

Oklahoma: Daily deliveries in the Oklahoma City Metro Area. Weekly delivery to Southcentral Oklahoma.
Daily delieries in the Tulsa Metro Area. Weekly delivery to Northeastern Oklahoma.

LTL and UPS service are also available.